Thursday, November 13

HOWTO: Posting photos in web pages and forum threads

Many people don't know how to post or embed a image on a website or forum message. The process is quite simple and the method is similar to do. The image must first be uploaded to a server such or at an online photo hosting site as If a person upload a photo on our website, we provide links to codes that you can easily post or embed your images on a website or forum. This little tutorial purpose is to teach you how to do it, if you do not have the necessary codes.

Use its full URL to post an image

A URL to an image is the address on the Web where the image is located. To get this URL, bring up the context menu over the image. Right click over the image.

In Firefox, select "Copy Image Location" as shown in the screenshot below:

In Chrome, select "Copy image URL".

In Safari, select "Copy Image Address".

In Opera, select "Copy Image Address".

In Internet Explorer, select "Properties", highlight the URL, bring up the context menu and select "Copy" as shown in the following screenshot:

Normally, you should get the URL from the image itself, not the address bar of a browser.

Use the URL to Add  the Image to the web page

To publish or embed an image on a web page should use the HTML tag: <img>, as follows:

<img src="" alt="some image" >

  • src for "source." This again is an attribute, a command inside a command. It's telling the browser where to go to find the image. In this case:
  • alt for "alternate text". This tells the browser that if it can't find the image, then just display this text. I use: "some image" 

Or Add the Image to some forum

This method is the most commonly used in forums, but not all forums use it. Some require code placed around the URL for the image such as: 


Please note all forums require adding urls. Some let you upload them directly from your computer.

When the correct URL is posted in a thread or your web page, the image will appear.